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Dear Readers of Two Cats and a Chicken Shop Mystery!

PLEASE write a few words on the review page you downloaded the book from – even one single word would be helpful (great, fantastic, amazing, funny, rubbish etc.)!

Most likely you downloaded it from Smashwords during the free promotional period. If would like to help me sell the book, PLEASE just copy your review and post it on any of the other shops the book is currently selling on (Amazon, iTunes, Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Diesel). You don’t even have to buy the book again in order to write reviews (although that would certainly help my downloads). Online shops with national stores (Amazon, iTunes) are NOT connected so you could even copy-paste the same thing on e.g.,,, etc. If you don’t feel confident writing in English, write it in your language! That’s especially helpful if your language “has” a national online store (e.g.,, etc.).

This will only take you a few minutes. Imagine how long it took me to write the whole thing… 😉

Thank you for your support!