What readers say:

“Mystery, history and a lot of fun! Set against the background of the present economic crisis the story unfolds in Madrid and allows quite uncommon insights into the city’s history and structures. Who would have thought that a mystery could kick-off in a chicken shop in a run-down food market (of all places!)?”

“Funny and exciting story and a very likable main character.”

“Smart, entertaining, with surprising twists. Enjoy how step by step all the question marks in your mind turn into wow-effects.”

“Fascinating novel with a good sense of humour.”

“Novela muy completa que reúne realidad, misterio, psicología y una detallada construcción de personajes. Muy recomendable!”

“Two cats es una novela preciosa para recorrer Madrid junto a la protagonista en busca de la solución al misterio que irrumpe en su vida. ¡¡Y el final!!”

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2 thoughts on “What readers say:”

  1. Maria Julia said:

    Excelente novela!!! no deje de pensar en este Madrid misterioso que no conocía. Felicidades! libro muy recomendable.

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