Praise and Reviews

Funny with surprising twists and turns. Reading this book you are in for a treat. Funny and exciting story and a very likable main character. I feel like booking a flight to Madrid right now to follow the plot of ‘Two cats’ and look at the sights with fresh eyes…”
−Magdalena Kern on

Smart, entertaining, with surprising twists. One of the best books I’ve read recently. Despite its really smart and complex plot, the book is easy and entertaining to read – even for a non-native speaker. The parapsychological and historical background is extremely well researched and absolutely coherent. The characters are interesting and seem to be taken out of real life. C.R. Martinez describes their characteristics in an amusing, ironic, yet affectionate way. The surprising twists eventually make this book a really good and recommendable read. Enjoy how step by step all the questionmarks in your mind turn into wow-effects.”
−Julia Wagner on

Amazing story. What an amazing story! C.R. Martínez did a great job in history research and wrote a fascinating novel with a good sense of humour. After reading the book the author gives the great opportunity to find out more bizarre facts and see images on which I found indeed interesting. Hope to read more from C.R. Martínez soon!”
−Nele3 on

“Qué gran protagonista la de este libro: Consuelo, una vendedora de pollos en el mercado de la Cebada, a punto de jubilarse. Me ha encantado. Two cats es una novela preciosa para recorrer Madrid junto a la protagonista en busca de la solución al misterio que irrumpe en su vida. ¡¡Y el final!! Hay que leer la novela entera para llegar a las reflexiones finales y cerrar el círculo. Muy buena y divertida.”
−elisa on

“Excellent reading! Witty, surprising and with a good measure of trivia about Madrid which woke some pleasant memories.”
−Carolin Lestrange on

Para conocer Madrid… aunque seas de allí! Como madrileña, no puedo dejar de resaltar la profunda investigación sobre la historia de mi ciudad. Novela muy completa que reúne realidad, misterio, psicología y una detallada construcción de personajes. Muy recomendable!”
−GUIO on

Full of surprises. I read ‘Two cats and a chicken shop mystery’ during the holidays, and the book managed to catch my full attention from the very first page! For me, the style of the book is a compelling mixture of Dan Brown and Agatha Christie, where the author succeeds to tie in historical facts with an intriguing story. However, C.R. Martinez brings a kind of humor and wittiness to the story that is rare in mystery novels, while still managing to keep the suspension high until the very last page (no, I’m not exaggerating, you’ll see for yourself when you read the book).
The protagonist of the story, Consuelo, takes the reader with her on her quest to solve a mystery, and lets the reader peak into her routines and thoughts.
Reading the book made me want to know more about tabby cats and about Madrid and its history, and to visit Madrid and follow the traces of Consuelo and her quest. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the website with pictures and bizarre facts about the story (  – but do that only AFTER you read the book, or you will rob yourself of an adventurous reading experience. For those who like mystery novels, this is the perfect reading, and I hope that C.R. Martinez will soon let us participate in another great mystery.”
−nefertari9 on Sony Reader Store

Mystery, history and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this book! Set against the background of the present economic crisis the story unfolds in Madrid and allows quite uncommon insights into the city’s history and structures. And who would have thought that a mystery could kick-off in a chicken shop in a run-down food market (of all places!)?”
−Mijibu on

“Increíble libro!!! desde el primer momento te engancha y, viviendo en Madrid, es genial poder recorrer las mismas calles a la vez que el libro. Una historia muy amena, intrigante y fácil de leer. Se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!! :D”
−Cristina Corrado on

“I had the pleasure to read the Two Cats and a Chicken Shop Mystery during my Christmas holidays. Without knowing much what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the story very quickly caught my attention. I also enjoyed reading the language of C.R. Martinez: it was rich in vocabulary and often playful in style. Storytelling went on naturally and tension kept building up. The end of the book is especially well written and one might easily think C.R. Martinez to be a much more experienced author! As a bonus, I got to live in the streets of Madrid and learn a few bits about its history without actually having been there – yet. After reading this book, I’m even keener on visiting the city. When I do, I’ll surely keep an eye on any suspicious faces there!”
−Jarno Väyrynen on

“Que buena intriga en los muros de madrid !! Me engancho mucho y eso hasta mas lejos que el final !!!! Volvi a recorrer las calles citadas en el libro a ver si encontraba detalles !! gracias C.R”
−tigotigo on

2 thoughts on “Praise and Reviews”

  1. Pat Masson said:

    I really enjoyed this story. The title intrigued me; I put in next in my reading lineup. I read the tabby cat part, I have heard a similar story except it was the mark of Mary relating to the cat in the barn where Jesus Christ was born. I have 2 tabbies at present, another reason I was drawn by the title. The story was well told with lots of twists. Will there be a follow up?

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